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Hospitals Maintain their Daily War on Waste

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

The Australian healthcare sector generates about 7% of our national carbon footprint!

Whilst healthcare services generate greenhouse gases in various ways, new innovations in medical environments are now making a difference to reduce the footprint.

Australia's ABC TV War on Waste program features Princess Alexandra Hospital, Brisbane

Reducing the Carbon Footprint

EcoAid has an ongoing commitment to support sustainable solutions…

The EcoAid team are constantly innovating with new products and solutions to make a difference. We are proud to be part of the transformation and reduction of Australia's carbon emissions.

Outstanding examples of leadership are demonstrated by some hospitals with their commitment to sustainable solutions…

  • Switching single-use products to biodegradable materials

  • Developing sustainable procurement systems

  • Waste management of compostable products

  • Active recycling programs

  • Monetising of single-use waste items (e.g. retrieving copper)

Watch this 6-minute clip from Australia's ABC TV War on Waste program features Princess Alexandra Hospital in Brisbane, Queensland

New initiatives for all are inspired by the Princess Alexandra Hospital


  • Source the right materials makes it easier to recycle

  • Recyclable materials such as eco-friendly hollowware made from sugar cane are easier than plastic to recycle


  • Possible new income streams by sorting waste

  • Including EcoAid Hollowware, plus copper wires and metal can be sold


  • The entire hospital needs to be onboard - building a stronger culture

The whole of the Hospital

  • Opportunities exist throughout the hospital

  • Food waste from canteen and patients, flowers from patients are used as compost for the garden

  • Garden as a healthy place for patients and staff

  • Plus, it is possible to grow things, including flowers made into a jam which is sold to invest back in the garden

Global Green and Healthy Hospitals

  • A global information platform - See

  • An opportunity to be involved

A Proud Association for Eco-Aid

The EcoAid team are proud to be involved with new eco-friendly initiatives and innovative product developments to suit the evolving needs of Australia's healthcare sector.


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