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New Clinical Trials for Sustainable Hospitals

A positive response from Royal Prince Alfred Hospital

The RPA and EcoAid teams prepare for the clinical trial with EcoAid Products

A recent clinical trial was conducted at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Sydney.

The main goal of the trial was to prove the EcoAid sugarcane products could withstand all the normal clinical uses in the hospital.

Trial goals also included a review of how to use more eco-friendly products, reducing medical waste and identifying cost savings.

The RPA team gave very positive initial feedback on the practical and environmental benefits of the EcoAid range.

Support from EcoAid – Patrick and Yvette

The EcoAid team actively supported the trial in RPA theatres, working closely with the CNC and theatre staff to meet their trial needs.

Products used in the trial were the naturally-based products in the EcoAid Sugarcane series of medical-grade hollowware.

EcoAid Provides Support for Clinical Trials…

The EcoAid team is ready to support your Clinical Trials to consider the EcoAid range. Contact us to collaborate on your needs, we will be happy to provide products and clinical support.

EcoAid products can be supplied in sterile packs ready for theatre use.

EcoAid Clinical Trials can include:

  • Product samples, support materials and clinical advice to facilitate the trial

  • Collaboration on use-case and relevance of different products for clinical use

  • Review sustainability, eco-friendly benefits, recycling options for the hospital

Initial Trial Reviews

  • Review which products could be replaced with EcoAid (e.g. Single-use plastics)

  • Trial-evaluation and collaboration on questionnaire preparation

  • Feedback and appraisals with clinical staff

Overall Clinical Trial Evaluation

  • Operational experience – product performance in a clinical setting, ease of use

  • Review benefits – cost savings, recycling and environment, sustainability

  • Patient and staff health benefits through reduced use of plastics

Product testing with hydrogel proves compatibility with the bioplastic coating

Positive feedback from the RPA clinical team…

Collaboration for an eco-friendly future

The EcoAid team is happy to support your next Clinical Trial to evaluate how you can bring more eco-friendly products and services to your organisation.


For more information or to contact the EcoAid customer support team please email


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