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Hospitals of the Future are Eco-Friendly

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

Saving Money can also Save the Planet | EcoAid Case Study

Westmead Hospital leads in eco-friendly procurement trends

EcoAid Cast Study: Western Sydney Local Health District

After rolling out the EcoAid Anaesthetic tray, the entire Western Sydney Local Health District will save approximately $185,900 per year for this single product alone.

EcoAid Anaesthetic Tray

Product Code: 213-01

  • Made from sugar cane

  • Sustainable and compostable product

  • Effective alternative to plastic

  • Latest bio-technology production

  • Versatile clinical applications

  • Large reductions in waste

Cost Savings

Previous average cost per unit: $3.95

Cost savings per unit with EcoAid: $2.75

1,300 pieces / week used

X 52 weeks = Annual savings: $185,900

Hospitals Reduce Costs with Eco-friendly Procurement

EcoAid pioneers the development of greener, cost-effective solutions for hospital and medical environments.

When analysing procurement options, the Western Sydney Local Health District was able to adapt the single-use products in many cases to using products made from sugarcane. This simple shift in focus not only provides ongoing savings - but also reduces the network's carbon footprint.

A truly win-win solution.

EcoAid Eco-friendly Research and Development

The all-Australian EcoAid research and product development has lead to production techniques including:

  • Sustainable farming

  • Organic pest control

  • Eco-friendly wastewater treatment

  • Raw material processing free of bleach

  • Products which are 100% biodegradable in 60-90 days

See also the Nine News report on Facebook: Hospitals of the Future planning

EcoAid is proud to contribute to the future of sustainable healthcare.


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