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Australia's First Biodegradable

Leaders and Innovators in Planet-friendly Solutions


As the pioneer of biodegradable medical hollowware, EcoAid is a recognised leader, supporting our community to solving key environmental and health challenges. We are committed to the development and distribution of medical products made from biodegradable, environmentally-friendly materials. 


Our mission is to create a greener future for all our community and for generations to come.


We hope one day all single-use and disposable medical plastic-wares will be replaced by biodegradable and environmentally friendly materials.

Ongoing Research and Development 

In 2006, with the support of many enthusiastic individuals and businesses who shared the same passion and vision as ours, we introduced the first generation of 100% biodegradable medical kidney dishes made from recycled paper.


With further innovations, in 2012, EcoAid introduced the 3rd generation kidney dish, made from the eco-friendly material sugar cane waste. This product looks better, feels better and has superior performance, being puncture proof and waterproof. 


Today, our products are sold extensively throughout Australia. A growing movement of people and organisations have joined our challenge to reduce plastic waste in the medical industry. We continue to innovate and introduce new eco-friendly products to the medical industry.

EcoAid’s planet-friendly medical hollowware gives clinicians a natural, safe alternative to single-use plastics.


EcoAid: a greener, cost-effective solution

  • Latest biotechnology production

    • Public health-focused

    • Versatile clinical applications

  • TGA Listed Products

  • 100% Australian Development

    • Wholly Australian owned business

  • Commitment to environmental care

  • Developing relationships with private and government organisations

Together We Can Make a Difference
Our future depends on it!

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