EcoAid was established in 2006.

We are headquartered in Sydney Australia

As the pioneer of the biodegradable Medical Hollowware, we dedicate ourselves to a great mission that is to reduce plastic footprint and negative impacts on our environment. We hope that one day all the single-use & disposable medical plastic ware will be replaced by biodegradable & environmentally friendly material. It is a greener choice for our future generations. 

Since 2006, with the support of many enthusiastic individuals and business who shared the same passion and dream as ours, we roll out the first generation of 100% biodegradable medical kidney dish made by the recycled paper, and at 2012, We roll out the 3rd generation of kidney dish made by the sugar cane waste. It looks better and feels better, moreover, it is puncture proof and waterproof. 

Today, our products are sold nearly all over Australia, and more and more people and business joined us to fight against plastic waste in the medical industry. They inspire us to continue our pursuit to be more innovative and bring more eco-friendly products to the medical industry.

Together We Achieve Further

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