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What is your Environmental Footprint?

We spend most days talking about the impact of single use plastics in hospitals and how by changing to a eco friendly option can make a big impact on the environment, however today we thought we would focus on how you assess your environmental footprint at home.

The Ecological Footprint calculator is a great tool to discover your impact on the environment around you. Why not take a few minutes to do this simple survey and see how you can change small things at home to make a big impact. More than 2 million people use the Ecological Footprint Calculator every year, and that number is growing.

Here are my results:

When I was informed that it would require 2.5 earths to maintain my current consumption and waste I was really surprised and upset. However I am also inspired to do more to drive down my use of resources.

I looked how Australia is doing as a country and we need to do more.


An ecological deficit occurs when the Ecological Footprint of a population exceeds the biocapacity of the area available to that population. A national ecological deficit means that the nation is importing biocapacity through trade, liquidating national ecological assets or emitting carbon dioxide waste into the atmosphere. An ecological reserve exists when the biocapacity of a region exceeds its population's Ecological Footprint.

Our Ecological reserve is going down and our ecological deficiency is increasing.

What can we do?

  • Walk to work

  • Energy rating of products

  • Grow some of your food

  • Reducing shopping for non recycled items

  • Recycle your rubbish, composite it.

  • Look for Green energy suppliers

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