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73% of Australians want action on climate change

The Climate Poll 2021 conducted by the Lowy Institute revealed today that 73% of Australians want action on climate change and 2050 net zero emissions. The majority of Australians know climate change is a problem and even at significant costs want us to do something now to start to address this problem.

"Three-quarters of Australians (74%) say ‘the benefits of taking further action on climate change will outweigh the costs".

While support for reducing carbon emissions has gained political support over the past couple of years, 55% of Australians believe it should be the governments main priority.

Looking at a range of possible federal government policies, almost all Australians (91%) say they would support the federal government ‘providing subsidies for the development of renewable energy technology’. This aligns with Lowy Institute polling in 2018 in which 84% of Australians said the government should focus on renewables rather than traditional energy sources.

In terms of how we compare with other countries and attitudes please see the table below.

It is clear we need to do more. EcoAid is committed to Planetary Health and reducing plastics in hospitals. We are also committed to being the catalyst for change with government departments and within the health industry so we can pioneer new ways of combatting climate change within the health sector.


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