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Nicole Nash Eco-warrior helps ban single use plastic straws in Queensland

Queensland businesses are now banned from selling or supplying some plastic and polystyrene products, as the state vows to tackle plastic pollution.

Source: ABC Supplied: Bengar Films - Advancing Australia

Over five years, Nicole Nash prevented more than 20 million straws from entering the environment. To us she is a Eco Warrior hero! Her mission has been to keep harmful plastics out of the Great Barrier Reef. Now with the recent law passed to ban the use of single-use plastic straws, she is glad to have been made "redundant".

The Last Straw, Nicole started in 2016, used data via her collection to convince the goverment to step in and create change. "Over the last five years, looking at our data, that's been 22.5 million straws being saved from being used," Ms Nash said.

And what did Ms Nash do with the straws?

They were made into a chair on the Cairns Esplanade to demonstrate the effectiveness of a circular economy.

Nicole, we celebrate your efforts. The environment and we thank you. Follow Nic's journey below.


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