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Together, we can reduce single-use plastic in healthcare

EcoAid supports the Climate and Health Alliance's campaign to reduce single-use plastics. CAHA has developed a one-page fact sheet called Reducing Single-use Plastics in Healthcare. It identifies the problem -98% of single-use plastics are made from fossil fuels, which emit greenhouse gases and drive climate change - and then provides five examples of healthcare institutions that have significantly reduced their consumption of plastic products.

The Fact Sheet then provides an 8 step plan to help you reduce your plastic consumption in your healthcare institution. We support this plan but suggest that the fourth step, Develop a plan and make your case, should include identifying committed suppliers like EcoAid, who are committed to planetary health, and who produce sustainable products designed to reduce single-use plastics.

You can download the Fact Sheet here:

Download PDF • 2.61MB

Please feel free to contact us at EcoAid if you need any information about how our products can help you reduce plastics in healthcare. You can access our product catalogue.

Download PDF • 11.37MB



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