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EcoAid Products Highlighted at Adelaide Conference

SAPNA Professional Development Study Weekend

The South Australian Perioperative Nurses Association (SAPNA) recently presented a weekend study conference for their members.

The event introduced the latest educational and professional development content for perioperative nurses – for the ultimate benefit of all patients and their surgical experience.

EcoAid’s nurse-representative, Julie MacDonald proudly introduced the EcoAid range of eco-friendly sugarcane products. The response was terrific!

There was great interest from participants in the high quality of the range, with comments focusing on how robust the products are, ease of use and of course, the benefits of being biodegradable, compostable and recyclable.

Significant interest was also shown in EcoAid products being able to be supplied in sterile packs ready for theatre use.

Support from EcoAid – Nurse consultant Julie MacDonald

Julie MacDonald (R) introduced the EcoAid range to SAPNA members.

There was an enthusiastic response to the eco-friendly EcoAid products

Collaboration for an eco-friendly future

The EcoAid team is happy to support you with product samples to evaluate and support on how you can bring more eco-friendly products and services to your organisation.

You can order a FREE sample pack by filling in the request form here…


For more information or to contact the EcoAid customer support team please email


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