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EcoAid Delighted to Invest in Future Leaders!

EcoAid is pleased to donate a computer to the James Ruse Agricultural High School which will support students in the French-Australian Regional Informatics Olympiad (FARIO) competition

"Thanks to the generosity of business owner, Patrick. It was lovely to meet the team this week and we discussed some ideas for further partnerships going forward."( From JR's Newsletter Issue 7 of 2021 )

To show our commitment and support for the future of our industry, EcoAid is delighted to donate a computer for a deserving student.

"Your contribution will support students who do not have the financial capacity to purchase their own laptop so that they can take part in essential Olympiad training on an equal footing alongside their James Ruse Agricultural High School peers," said Principal Rachel Powell.

The Microsoft Surface Laptop that EcoAid has donated to the school will be a valued resource for those aspiring to represent Australia at the International Olympiad in Informatics helping to ensure all students have access to the technology resources they need to realise their true potential.

We invite you as a valued customer and friend of EcoAid to nominate a community, school or student who would also benefit from our support.


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