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Coles scraps plastic bags from all Australian stores

Coles have followed in the footsteps of rival supermarket Woolworths, with a plastic bag ban coming into effect this morning.

Customers across the country will now have to supply their own bags when they do their grocery shopping, as Coles implements the ban in all Australian stores.

Woolworths received a lot of backlash from angry customers and were forced to temporarily back out of the bag ban it implemented on June 20, supplying free bags to keep people happy.

Coles are hoping to avoid a similar situation and will also have the 15 cent reusable bags available at the checkout for customers who forget to take their own, but they have paid attention to the backlash that Woolworths went through when their ban came into effect over a week ago.

To prevent any dramas, every Coles checkout will be open with additional staff to assist customers and make the transition as flawless as possible.

"To minimise disruption to our customers and help them with the transition to no single-use plastic bags, all checkouts will be open in Coles stores between 10am and 6pm today," a spokesman told

The additional staff will be on hand for an entire week as Coles joins Woolworths, Big W and long-time bag banners Aldi in their efforts to minimise plastic waste.

Coles will also have the REDcycle bins in store which will allow customers to bring in a variety of plastics, including old bags, to recycle.

A federal parliamentary committee report has also recommended banning single-use plastics including cups, straws and balloons by 2023.

The major report into recycling also recommended a national container deposit scheme - similar to South Australia's program - to tackle Australia's growing waste woes.

Committee chair Peter Whish-Wilson said the report had support had support from across the parliament to tackle a crisis in the recycling industry.


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Aug 18, 2021

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