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EcoAider Received First Dose Of Covid 19 Vaccination

Classified as a 1a Frontline Worker Yvette Vicary, our EcoAid Clinical Consultant receiving the vaccination at the Westmead Covid Hub. -- by Yvette

Being a Critical Care Registered Nurse Yvette was able to receive the Covid 19 vaccination at Westmead Hosptital Covid Hub as a 1a Frontline worker recently. She would like to share her experience : "As the EcoAid Clinical Consultant I am aware that the EcoAid kidney dish was being used as part of the Covid-19 vaccine national roll-out. I was very happy to see my vaccination being stored in the EcoAid kidney dish. One EcoAid kidney dish was used to store cottonwool and adhesive dressing and the second EcoAid kidney dish, covered in foil, was used to hold the Covid vaccination vial and syringes. Logistically from waiting in line, to the screening process, getting the injection to recovery period was so smooth and highly organized with friendly, helpful staff along my whole covid vaccination journey. Thank you Westmead. ----Yvette"

EcoAid Kidney dishes, foiled covered dish held the vaccine vial and syringes and other kidney dish containing the adhesive dressing and cottonwool. --by Yvette


EcoAid is proud to support the Covid-19 vaccine national roll-out by supplying kidney dish and small injection tray to hospitals around Australia.

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