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Q & A 
Q: Is this cup waterproof?

A: Yes, it is waterproof and also proof of alcohol-based solutions. 


Q: Is this product biodegradable?
A: It is not 100% Biodegradable, but 98% of paper can be recycled or composted easily, while the other 2% is the plastic film which is normally collected for recycling purpose. 


Q: Does the product have measurement? 
A: Yes, we are glad to advise you the product got a measurement up to 60ml with 5ml increment. 


Q: How the measurement put on the cup?
A: We use food grade waterbed ink to print on the inside surface of the paper, the coated with plastic on top. It prevents the ink to react and contamina liquid medication, and also the measurement can always stay clear and won’t be rubbed. 


Q: How to dispose of this product?
A: Unless clinically contaminated, this product shall be put into recycle bin as all components are recyclable. 


Q: How does it compare with a plastic cup in terms of impact on the environment? 
A: As our cup got 98% of the paper, compared with 100% plastic cup at the same size, we create much less plastic rubbish and less Co2 emission.

Ecoaid® Biodegradable Paper Medication Cup with Graduation

SKU: 289-060
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