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EcoAid Multi-Purpose & Injection Tray is made out of sugarcane fibre with or without bioplastic coating, It is waterproof and puncture-resistant, It is a good replacement. 


Q: How long does it take to degrade?  
A: We claim 60-90 days under different environment and conditions even though the actual test shows it takes normally less than 30 days to compost.


Q: How long is the waterproof time?
A: We claim that this product can hold water for at least 24 hours, and in reality, it can hold even more than 72 hours until water evaporates.


Q: Can the product be used to hold alcohol-based skin prep solutions?
A: No, the sugarcane fibre material is not able to hold alcohol-based solutions, and we have another version with bioplastic coating to handle alcohol-based solution, for more info, please email to our customer service.


Q: Can the product be sterilised?
A:  Yes it can, it is able to be supplied with other components as a complete procedure pack, please talk to your procedure pack supplier to replace those plasticware by our sugarcane range. 


Q: How to dispose of this product?
A:  Unless clinically contaminated it should be disposed to general waste bin or recycle bin, please seek advice from your sustainability officer and waste management contractor, or email to our customer service for more info. 


Ecoaid® Biodegradable Injection & Multi-Purpose Tray

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